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Backup copies

How to configure backups in ISPmanager

This module can be used to manage backup copies. A backup copy is created during the backup process. It can include several archives with files, information about data. The archives are located in storages associated with backup plans, information about data is located in the service database.

Create a backup copy

You can easily make a backup copy without creating a backup plan. Select a storage, and in the form that will open a temporary backup plan will be created automatically. The backup copy will be based on that plan. The -{level}–{username} template is used for generating a plan name. The minus sign at the beginning is a special character that helps to avoid conflicts with names of the plans that were created manually. Once completed, the backup copy will display in the module.

Restore backup

To restore data from the backup copy, select it and click the “Restore” icon. Archives with files will be downloaded from the first available storage associated with that backup plan:

En isp restorebackup - Backup copies

  • Behavior — select how to restore the data.
    • Skip existing data — do not restore the data that already exist in the system. E.g.: if you have a “User” user, which is included in the backup copy, no changes will be made to this “User”.
    • Edit existing data — if the backup copy contains data that exist in the system while restoring, data parameters will be changed, and archives with files will be used instead of the existing ones. For example, there is a “User” user, which data are included into the backup copy, limits, passwords, and access details that existed while making the backup copy will be saved and applied.

When recovering a Web-domain, the IP address assigned to that web-domain might be missing on the server interface. The following information will help to resolve this issue.

  • IP addresses are not assigned — select the action with the web domains IP address, which is missing on the server network interface.
    • do not change — web-domains cannot be restored. 
    • select IP addresses — only missing addresses will be changed into those provided in the list.
    • change automatically — all the IP addresses of the web-domain will be automatically changed into selected IPs.

Download backup

To download a backup copy to your local computer, select the corresponding record and click the “Download” icon.

Upload backup

To upload a backup copy from your local computer, select the corresponding copy and click the “Upload” icon.

Седат Игдеджи, Sedat Igdeci, Cedat Igdeci, Bekir Igdeci, Lidiya Igdeci, Elizaveta Igdeci